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renowned beer cafes in both walnut creek and oakland. this particular location is a historic 1907 building, beautiful building, right on the edge of union square about a half a block from bart. and about a half a block from market and the new show place that is going in at market and mason. we are opening basically what we hope will be a world class beer cafe with a type 42 license and there will be 40 rotating of the world's finest beer and 500 labels of the world's finest beers from 20 countries. it will have three zones of temperatures to make sure that each of these beers is given to the customer at the exact perfect temperature to enhance the flavor. this project will create between 25 and 30 jobs. the building itself was the old polos hof brow since 1907 was a san francisco institution. that particular place closed almost 20 years ago and there was a period for about two or three years where there was a nightclub in that particular location, which failed. but, it has been basically a 75-foot black hole on mason street and this this owner is not -- he is in for the long haul. he is a
with on the private industry council in oakland, i deal with western community center, i deal with hospitality house, downtown in san francisco. these places help you get your resume together. and what i did also, i went and found all the websites that would offer job training. i just put everything on one website, any type of place that would help you with a legal resource and housing, i found a place in oakland, let you stay there for 18 months and you can get truck driving skills, construction trade. upon release a lot of people don't want to go back to the same environment but they don't have a choice. [speaker not understood]. and home boy hotline is not [speaker not understood] bias, race bias, it's for men and women. i go to juvenile halls. i go to prisons, also i go to 1 11 taylor and i go to a halfway house and do a presentation every three months to let them know what the home boy hotline is based upon. i get letters all the time from prisoners and phone calls. i really didn't know nothing about the reentry council to be honest with you. i work real close with the healing circle, women in
, the oakland coliseum refinancing when the raiders moved back into los angeles was one of the most complicated bond financing deals in northern california, and i was involved both on the county of alameda side and the city of oakland side because i was the partner in charge of both the those audits at the time. also when the city and county of san francisco had a lawsuit regarding the 1997 bond funds of the school district, the city attorney's office hired me as a expert witness in helping to compile some of the information needed to go to court. the mission of my cpa firm is to help government improve their internal administrative operationses. so, my passion for community service aligns directly with my, with my profession as well. it's what i know and what i love. the prior community service that i have that i think would be helpful in this role is that i served as an elected school board member in new haven unified school district for two terms including serving as the president. i was the elected auditor at the city of alameda. i served on the citizens oversight committee and the citizens
insurance. it has a different office in the city. it has an office in oakland. the entity that mr. williams mentioned that is in irvine has a similar name but it is not the tenant in the lease but it is not affiliated with mr. chin and i ask him to show otherwise. we have a letter from the principal indicating that he is not running his insurance agency, he is running a financial service agency. >> as you probably know insurance companies have rated other entity and principals in them have licensing in financial service and investments. will insurance be offered here? yes, as one of many, many vehicles, the kind of insurance that will be offered is a financial asset based insurance not your typical life insurance. this is a financial service company. i doubt that was brought to the attention of supervisor chu's office. and we are going to show in the next few minutes, why the financial services company does not need a conditional use permit and it is based on the fact that a financial service's company unlike a business and professional services, does not require conditional use for active,
lands disfavor in 1991 in the oakland fire. that particular tragedy was that people tried to leave. 11 people died including 6 going in their cars trying to get out. this particular assess road is unsafe and it should be denied. i appeal to our discretion. thank you >> thank you. >> good morning members of the commission i'm stephanie. i live in the corresponding mount apartment. i'd like to speak to the potential danger of the instability of the hillside on which this project is to go built. several years ago there was a land side on court reporting land street. that's now covered over by concrete that was placed through in order to shore up the hillside. the fifth avenue building was undermined by that landslide. it was very scary to all of us and the hillside on where this project is to be built is very steep. as one of the gentlemen before me mentioned that building was left off of the illustration of the project that was to be built and i also have to ask why that building was left off the project. i didn't intend to speak this afternoon so pardon me i'm not a speaker. this proj
for young people. (applause) >> our young people can't afford to live in this city. so, they move to oakland, they move to wherever they have to move to be able to afford housing. our young people are living two to 10 to an apartment. it is unconscionable. and this is not just low-income kids. i'm talking about kids that have gotten out of college and have started their lives and can't afford to live in san francisco. this is not something that we want to be known for. so, the project that we're doing at booker t. is a pilot project. it is a project designed to help emancipate and foster youth, those that are just coming out of foster care. we will be providing 24 units of housing for them. but we will also be providing affordable housing for other people that need housing. when you say that you're going to pay a thousand dollars a month for a one-room -- for a one-room studio, anyplace else in this country, that's a lot of money. not here. my niece live in an apartment with three other young women and they pay a thousand dollars a month each. * to live in that apartment. so, i think as we
oakland because there is not enough office space available at affordable rates and so, the problem is because we can't control these other choke holds in the system we can't say that we don't, we can't really just say let's not do anything, because the problem is that you can't control who is going to go forward and who is not. just practically, it does not work because we don't own the land or control the price or the financing and the other sort of factors and i think that that is always frustrating, i do believe in what i am seeing is that the trend, even in the technology community which has gone and everyone is making a lot of bru haha of the decision to bring everybody back to the office that is a return trend, the outward migration away from offices. i predict very and there is a lot of data out there to show that there is a trend back into the offices because of the people trying to feel more and more disconnected because in the terms of the creativity and the innovation, everybody wants to work in the same space and they are to reignite the excitement and enthusiasm that t
happened was people were fleeing san francisco to live in oakland, berkeley in resident parks because they didn't want to be so dense and there was no plays for it to be built and san francisco developed like st. france, lakeside village and later forest hill and we speak about forest hills it provided a place for lack of a better term people in what would be upper-middle class could live in an area that wasn't so dense. now we're building almost no single-family homes in san francisco. and what is happening is people with families what are looking particularly for a new home are forced out of san francisco. if they buy an older home there's in bad shape. or they're forced into homes where the neighborhoods are used for other things other than housing and it's not a pleasant place. i'd like love to see this move forward as proposed by the neighbors with fewer sites. i think we heard from an expert in housing prices and i think her comments were adequate for this to immunes and not to pencil out to cover the costs you've got to have a number of homes. you're not going to sell those hom
and the entire bay area. the next call were to mayor matthews, mayor read, we also have officials from oakland. this is going to take a unified approach. we are up against a very tough competitors and south florida. miami has hosted. they know how to do it, but we are excited to show off our region, the innovation and also the compassion that we have here in this community. my job, my day job is running tipping points from the community and focusing on fighting poverty in the region and every community project that we have approached, are excited that we are not only talking about one game, but we are talking about bringing all the people together and shining a light on our entire region and helping our whole community embrace them. i want to thank jed, mayor matthew and lee forgiving me this opportunity to present this. on may 21st we present to the owners in boston and that will be the big day. so this is a great testament to the regions unified vision and i will turn it over to jed. thank you. [ applause ] >> it's a pleasure to the working with so many great people to bring the biggest spor
of the americans cups or does not have to raid the oakland warriors so if you're going to argue about dollars-and-cents i think item 6 is a lot of higher and i'd like to publically for the record question the aggressive kwaeg that's occurring tonight and i'd like to know whether that same aggressive questioning when the firemen and police men talk their salary and we won't have to be here to late >> any other members of the public? public comment is closed. >> mr. chair i'd like to recommend or move the recommendation of the budget. >> we have a motion to easement the budget analysis recommendation and we can do that without opposition anything else? and to me this is i'd like to move this item forward with the remedies from this committee. >> ongoing colleagues if there aren't any other motions i'm going to request a role call on this motion and on this motion alters amended? >> (calling names). the motion passes. okay. the motion passes. mr. clerk do we have any other items? okay. we are adjourned after 7 and a half >> the weekly buzz, it is the last week of march mark your calend
want to give a huge thank you for the oakland police department and we put it out that we had lost this very dangerous weapon. and through, tireless police work, back and forth from some of our plain clothes officers and there as we were able to locate residents in oakland, and serve search warrants and recover not only rar 15 and the other property that was taken from trunk but a second ar that was taken. but we had a very sound event happened on force and slope and on saturday night. a 17-year-old girl on her birthday crossing the street was hit by a drink driver and killed. one block from her home. that drunk driver was taken into custody. and he will be rigorously prosecuted. the child attended loyal high school. >> and then on sunday at about 3:00 in the afternoon, a woman entered a home on the 2000 block of lion street, she was under the influence of bath salts, which is a newish drug that is hitting the streets right now. and can be smoked snoerted or in jected and it causes increased blood pressure, paranoya and reduced need for feed or sleep, i don't know why anybody woul
'm on the board at oakland military, one of governor brown's charter schools he started in oakland. i'm the secretary treasurer of the board. we transform lives. we have about 700 kids. almost none of their parents have gone to college, almost all the kids do, and almost all the kids graduate in four years. so, it's wonderful, wonderful experience. the other thing i've done here, i was foreman of the civil grand jury back in 2001-2002, worked closely with ed harrington and the auditors and the city attorney. we did two investigations which i was directly involved in on the subject of purchasing, how i was kind of curious how san francisco buys stuff and then i've done a bunch of that. after leaving the grand jury, we had a chapter, local chapter of the california grand jurors association. i was president of that for three years. we do recruiting, interviews and training for new people on the civil grand jury. one of the people on that grand jury -- this was 2002, was in the first cycle of the people on this committee, arlene singer. she served two cycleses and tells me it was a great
investors inc in oakland, with the business address in boston. and it talks about investment advisory services this is not financial services as defined under the planning code. what they were referring to from the interpretation from the mid 90s and referring to somehow the board of supervisors over turning a zoning administrator interpretation, the board of supervisors does not do that. they don't have the authority do that. the board of appeals hears the appeals of the zoning administrator determinations. if they disagree with a administration they can change the planning code nthis case it was an appeal of cu and disagreed and thought that the zoning administrator and they applied and didn't think that it was appropriate to be considered as a business or a professional service, in that case, it was an... a brokerage, a commodity, broker which is not what they are doing here so the cases are not come parable. the zone administrator found that it was a business and a professional service and they had included that to bolster that this is a business or a professional service which i
the warriors but consents to oakland and san jose and when paf rete and streisand and this is the problem and if we had an arena decent for presentation san francisco would be the first site but that doesn't mean this has to be the only site in san francisco but it's the best site because it satisfies so many things being so close to accessibility from cal train, from bart, from muni, from a lot of different public transportation and also very walkable. it also impresses me after giant games the number of people on the street walking up to market street or into the heart of san francisco and everyone had horror stories about how bad it would be and i don't think i ever had a problem coming or going to a giant games whether i walked or drive or public transportation. i usually don't drive and if i do i park a wayings away and i think this makes sense. somebody brought up the question about maritime uses and as was pointed out in the presentation there is the idea of kayak access and some ferry terminal or some terminal is planned as part of the project. fishing will be available. there
to oakland, because san francisco is not church-friendly, especially when we have to get out of our praise and go out and pay parking meters. shame on you, mayor. >> thank you, mother jones for being here. >> good afternoon, supervisor. it's been a while. my name is mark solomon and i was co-chair of the transportation on the task force from 2005 to 2008 and i want to thank jim niko for the hard work and thank paul lord from the planning department and charles from the sfmta for essentially giving me a bachelor's degree in transportation planning and land use planning. what paul gave me was a detector to figure out when planning is coming at me and when they are lieing? when i think we have done is pushed the boundaries, where we have done the best deal that the planning would introduce to the commission of the plan had conditions. they wouldn't let it be a completely citizen-driven process. supervisor wiener talking about funding for various impact fees we tried to push the limits by create a new way to get more benefits from the developers, and then having developers complete with ex
cruz, oakland and contra costa county and the work week is there and not relevant. in laguna honda 90% are asian and hispanic and black and more than half are women. we serve 2,000 meals to patients and seniors that are unable to take care of themselves so the family can be in the work force so they can pay tax like anybody else. most of my workers they are very -- they work very hard but they have to work two, three jobs to survive because they want their kids to go to college and be able to have a chance, so this is very important. i want to show you this picture. this is [inaudible] 1868. chinese workers are not in the pictures because they help building the railroad but they are paid $7 a day while noun colored people are paid $14 a day and pay wages and lodging and food too. i am an immigrant myself so i know about the history -- >> thank you. >> first there is slavery and chinese worker has always been discriminated too so right now we're still working poor. >> thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. [applause] >> [gavel] >> ladies and gentlemen, i please ask for board rules
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 127 (some duplicates have been removed)